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Our Packages

We have Three simple plans

  • Explore


    Who can attend ?

    Best for learners who don't know much about a skill and are interested in gaining basic knowledge.

    What is covered ?

    • Understand the topic's what, how, why, where and who
    • Explore the basics of the field
    • Understand real world applications
    • Discuss job opportunities, market salary, demand, growth etc.
    • Understand and explore the different sub topics in the field
    • Candid answers to your burning questions about the field
    • Additional personalized support as needed

    Your Benefits

    • Familiarity with basic concepts in the field
    • Helps you decide if you’d like to pursue a future in the space
    • Get a clear picture of industry trends, job opportunities
    • Get the list of best resources to learn further
    • A confidence boost!
  • Start


    Who can attend?

    Suitable for learners who wants to get Started in a specific field. Learners get a personalized plan and several Jumpstart sessions to dive right in!

    What is covered?

    • Defining detailed learning goals and objectives
    • Creation of a skill matrix to identify your current skills and necessary skills
    • Personalized plan with list of topics to learn in the right sequence
    • Several Jumpstart sessions to comprehend the fundamental concepts in the field
    • Obtain a list of related topics and additional resources
    • Assistance with writing your resume
    • Interview preparation support
    • Additional personalized support as needed

    Your Benefits

    All benefits from the
    Explore package +

    • Personalized package to complete your learning journey
    • Definition of broader learning goals
    • Understanding of existing skill that can assist your journey
    • Know exactly what you need to approve upon
    • A standout resume
    • Complete understanding of the interview process
  • Jump


    Who can attend?

    This package is tailored for learners who are on the verge of entering the field and need to garner as much information as quickly as possible.

    What is covered?

    • Everything from the Explore and Start packages and then some!
    • Numerous Jumpstart sessions with area-specific focuses
    • Hands-on experience with real world projects
    • Case study walkthrough to understand industry use cases
    • Understand critical scenarios and approaches to handle them
    • Comprehensive interview support, including mock interviews, for on-site and panel interviews
    • Additional personalized support as needed

    Your Benefits

    All benefits from the
    Explore & Start packages +

    • Complete understanding of the field
    • Hands-on experience with key areas of the field
    • Mini projects that will help improve your skills
    • Understanding how on-site and panel interviews work
    • Make you ready to take up real work in the field
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