• Who would benefit from New Skill Studio?

    Are you looking to start a new career or need some additional knowledge if you are exploring a brand-new field and have the below questions, we are here to help!

    • Where do I start?
    • What is this field all about?
    • What are the job opportunities?
    • Can someone explain this to me in terms I understand?
    • What are some real-world examples?
    • How to define my learning goals and how to achieve them?
    • What’s a career path with this skill?
  • Who would NOT benefit from us?

    If you are someone looking for the following, sorry, New Skill Studio is not for you.

    • Traditional training in a particular field or technology
    • Long videos, Generic courses or Lectures
    • Certifications
    • Employment
  • What do I get from a Personalized Learning Roadmap?

    • A detailed personalized plan for your complete learning journey.
    • Well-defined start and end points.
    • A list of topics and simple steps enabling you to first understand and then learn, as opposed to learn and understand.
    • Handpicked videos, lectures, and other online resources.
    • The plan is to suit your current background and learning goals.
    • Completely human driven interactive sessions.
  • What do I get from Jumpstart Sessions?

    • A completely non-technical overview of core basic concepts from Industry Experts.
    • Everything explained with simple, real-world examples.
    • Fully interactive discussions help you learn.
    • Live, virtual conversations - no pre-recorded content.
    • Learn about available job opportunities in the field.
    • The objective of your sessions is to ensure you are fully ready to dive into new opportunities by understanding every aspect of the new field.
  • How to attend?

    You can attend anywhere from the world as long as you have internet access. All sessions can be conducted by Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or any method that works for you!

  • How long is the process?

    You should expect to spend an initial hour for evaluation. Once that is complete, the remainder of the sessions will be provided as needed based on your package and convenient slots. The whole process takes up to 2 weeks or more depending on the topic and the volume of customers our experts are handling.

  • How is New Skill Studio different from other online platforms for learning?

    Features & BenefitsNew Skill StudioOther Online Platforms
    Will I receive a Personalized learning roadmap based on my current background and skills? Yes No
    Can I ask any kind of question about the core basic concepts?YesNo
    Are there human-guided Jumpstart sessions so I can best understand the basics?YesNo
    Will I save money by not buying unwanted resources or joining irrelevant training programs?YesNo
    Will I save time doing my own initial research and analysis?YesNo
    What’s my learning journey Success Rate?Very HighMedium
    Do your experts provide simple, real-world examples that even a layman can understand?YesNo
    Will my confidence level be boosted by your experts?Yes, that is our missionNo
    Are the sessions automated and machine driven?NoYes
    Do you have Long Videos or Lectures?NoYes
    Will I get help with resume review?YesNo
    If I have an Interview, can the experts prepare me?YesNo
    Will I get a real person when I ask a question?YesNo
    Is Customer Support automated?NoYes
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